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Focus Groups Online

This is a type of focus group based on the Web, in this, the facilitator invites qualified people for the sample group, this group is quoted at a preset time to be part of the focus group online. Some researchers offer incentives for the participation of these, but this depends on ethical issues. The moderator guides the discussion using a series of predetermined questions. In these debates, such as those conducted face to face, respondents reviews interact with each other and the moderator, so you get to build and a deep analysis of the subject to inquire.

These focus groups are ideal for consumer needs also means lower costs for the company, and participants greater comfort as they may be from the comfort of their homes or businesses. In this case respondents tend to have a greater exchange of opinions since not meet face to face as in traditional focus group, can be expressed freely, which is valuable for delicate items.


Telecommunications: This type of technology in this new century is represented by satellites, which make the information be transmitted in less than a second from one place to another. Also is the phone that has had a very significant development from the optical fiber to the WiFi (wireless network) devices..

Computer: Stand devices where hardware and software are interconnected with one another in this category. A very important part of computer databases are increasingly going to be part of our lives and so therefore the software is associated with this data bank. Thanks to these new software can be manipulated, add information in seconds. Computer technology has also helped in other fields such as medicine, to create simulators distinct processes that help reduce the margin of error in surgery or some process.

Management information systems: they are the result of collaborative interaction between people, technologies and procedures (collectively called information systems) designed to solve business problems.

Transactional systems (transactional system)

It is an information system designed to store business information daily, usually optimizare site structured events, business processes or business activities. These systems are optimized to store large volumes of data, but not to analyze them.

Intelligent Network Management

This solution allows the permanent monitoring of active network devices, monitoring the use of bandwidth, real-time detection of events or failures in their active elements.
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