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Hong Kong cigarette control Below I briefly introduce TCO, SAR government tobacco work step by step, encouraged not to smoke Newport cigarette, to curb tobacco widely used, as far as possible to reduce the effects of secondhand smoke. We achieve these goals through legislation, law enforcement, taxation, education and several other methods. First introduce the smoking public health ordinance, this is Hong Kong main tobacco control laws and law enforcement basis, the village doctor later will introduce the promotion of smoking cessation. Department of health tobacco control office was established in February 1, 2001, established for the purpose is to further strengthen the government's tobacco control efforts, Marlboro Gold Cigarettes our main task is to promote education, law enforcement, promote smoking cessation. We want to promote "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" a smoke-free culture in Hongkong, the protection of public health. The smoking public health ordinance enacted in 1982, followed by several amendments. The purpose of the law is to use, sale and promotion of tobacco products control. Last revised in October 2006, this revision is to protect the public from the effects of second-hand smoke, to comply with the provisions of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on tobacco control in. There is a very important amendment is awarded the Department of health law enforcement rights, this revision mainly expanded the scope of statutory no smoking areas, later I will talk about the scope of the amendment. The provisions in the packaging of tobacco products and health advice icon, authorize the Department of health on Newport Menthol cigarette control law enforcement place. The revision is basically in Hongkong in all indoor public places within the scope of the implementation of the ban, including restaurants, Cara OK, markets, shops, shopping malls and so on. In addition some marlboro lights outdoor scope will be the implementation of the smoking ban, including parks, children's amusement park, swimming pool, hospital outside a certain range and so on. According to the Ordinance, no person shall carry Newport short tobacco in the smoking or no smoking area. The court convicted a maximum fine of 5000 yuan. In order to improve the efficiency of law enforcement, has now submitted a smoking establishment of the crime penalty system of the draft, the draft is now being discussed. The government proposed a fine of 1500 yuan quota on smoking. No smoking in the implementation of amendments to the law also considered some of the industry there is a transition period, taking into account the characteristics of their customers and business model, there are also some transitional arrangements. Allow only 18 years old or above personnel patronize mahjong, nightclubs, bars and so on to the Department of health will be extended until July 1, 2009 for smoking. The second amendment to add health warnings on tobacco products on the chart (see photo) six pieces of the picture, to get advice on this part of carton of cigarettes the largest. Previous health advice is embodied in the text, now requires a picture identification. The third major revision is authorized by the Department of health tobacco control do can take enforcement action, see the offending smokers have the right as requests for the ID card information, can do a ticket control. The packaging part performed by Hongkong parliament cigarettes customs, tobacco advertising, illegal smoking by the Department of health supervision office executive.

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