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11.12.2014 - What direction is FIFA heading, up or downhill? Frustrating unrealistic

To start out, i have been playing and follow FIFA 15 Coins since FIFA 98. And some years as been better then others. However this years edition has been a major letdown. I do not even know where to start - we have small bugs as the ball going literal through your player/goal keeper. We have situation where you can not change players at all. Keepers show no understanding what so ever, some real stupid behaviors from them. And the most annoying thing in game must be the shooting from vertical position, on the edge of the 5 meter and 16 meter. This shots (specially the one from the edge of 5-8 meters) 90-100% of the time goes in. Keep does not even move at all. One other thing, nothing you do in the training ground seem to reflect on how it is in a match, not even the stuff i do in the training arena reflects on in matches. Pretty annoying when i want to learn and i can not use what i have learned. There much more but i cant write them all down as i am afraid no one will read my topic if i write them down. So these are the ones that annoys me the most. Oh the lag of course, pretty stupid and a known issue. Why in gods name can you guys in EA FIFA not ping out the people having POOR internet connection. I can not count how many times i have lost a match because my opposition is laggy like a donkey, and the hole match starts to be a damn 50/50 gamble. This is not fair, and if this issue is not resolved very quickly i will be sitting with the feeling you in EA is scammers and your game is not providing me what i have paid for. What i mean is, when FIFA 15 is worse then FIFA 14 - EA has failed. This will be the last time i buy this game. Pro evolution soccer is what i am going to play this year and next year due to EA incompetance when it comes to producing a playable football game. You guys are focusing way to much on the detailed design and graphics that you forget the power of realism and how real football is.
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