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13.12.2014 - new FIFA 15 patch is awful

so I have been playing UT for 2 years now. I really enjoyed FIFA 14 Coins and It took me a while to get use to fifa 15 . I really enjoyed how the dribbling was when the game first was released but now they have made the defenders op and lob through balls absolutely crazy. all people do now is have a sweaty striker and LB and Y all game. I am not sure why ea has patched a perfect game. yes they have had some bugs to fix, like the passing but why on earth would you mess up a game like this? you might as well just sold us fifa 14 again. I don't understand what made them think the dribbling was to op. in some cases it was with stars like messi, Ronaldo,or just players who had a really high dribble rating but now it is almost impossible to get past the computer CB, unless you do LB and Y then they are terrible and run in the wrong direction. I have found myself going from div 2 to div 5 and let me tell you that all people do now is LB and Y. EA please get your head out of your ass and go back to the way the game was originally made. the reason some didn't like it is because they were * at defense. I was pretty bad when I first started but I adjusted and I really enjoyed the gameplay. but way to go ea you * up because some little * kid called and complained about the dribbling was to hard to stop. they are * * and just suck at the game. so please fix this * ass patch for everyone. if anyone agrees or disagrees with me I would like to hear why you like the new patch or dislike the patch. also if anyone here would like to play a friendly add me on xbox. my gamertag is TURN 1T UP.
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