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29.08.2015 - FIFA 16 web app and transfer market

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team achieved big success at the stage of last year, there is no doubt that FIFA 15 is the most popular online game as for now. FIFA 16 will officially launch after one moth star from now, compared with FIFA 15, this new series has added lots of highlight. We supposed most of FIFA fans have learned lots of FIFA 16 new content. While, as for now, EA still didn't release the information about FIFA 16 Web App. Besides we can confirm Price Rage still in FIFA 16, there is no news about Transfer Market.

fifa 16 web app

This picture is about EA FIFA 16 FUT interface, we all notice that " WAGER HUB ".

What is Wager Hub? It is illegal to play for fifa coins according to the gaming act but Wager Hub allows you to place a player as a wager and if you win the opponent¡¯s player directly gets added to your club. Unfortunately, we can't see the content in transfer, if we have a text code, i will tell you.

In FIFA 15, the "autobuyer" hardly break the balance and stability of Transfer Market. If Web App will be released in FIFA 16, as long as EA can put an end to the behavior of "autobuyer", we believed that Transfer Market would be the most popular. Prior to this, some players provide some s***estions of fixing Web App, we believed that when EA can handle this issue, Transfer Market in Web App would come again!

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7.08.2015 - A brand new way to play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Coming to FIFA 16 is FUT Draft, a brand new way to play FIFA Ultimate Team. This new mode will test your team building skills as you pick the best fit for each position from a five-player draw. Draft a squad and challenge opponents in a series of up to four matches to win big rewards for your club.

A FUT Draft series has an entry fee of 15,000, 300 FIFA Points, or 1 Draft Token (available in FUT packs). So if you want to buy cheap fifa 16 coins to play fut draft, is your best choice, huge fifa 16 coins will in stock, cheapest price, fast delivery, 24 & 7 online live support.

Start your FUT Draft by choosing between five different formations. Choose wisely: the formation you pick will remain as your default formation throughout the series of matches. Will you pick a formation youre more familiar with or experiment with a formation youve never tried before?

After picking your formation, its time to build your squad. Your first player decision is picking a Captain from a set of five superstars.

From there, fill out the rest of your 23-man squad by picking players for each position from a random draw of five players. Youll be faced with interesting team building challenges: do you grab the best highest rated player in that position or focus on maximizing team Chemistry? Try different combinations to see what works best for you. After selecting your starting XI, Bench, and Reserves you can then move players around to improve your Chemistry rating.

Try The Best

Any FUT player may show up in the draft, including Legends (only on Xbox) and current or previous special in-forms. With that kind of variety, the FUT Draft is a great opportunity for all gamers to try some of the best players in the game.

Once youre ready, its time to take your squad to the pitch and challenge opponents to compete in a four-match series. You can compete in single player or online against opponents across the globe. As you progress, youll earn better rewards, including coins, packs, and more. Win four matches in a row to earn the best rewards possible!

A FUT Draft series has an entry fee of 15,000 coins, 300 FIFA Points, or 1 Draft Token (available in FUT packs). Even if you lose your first match youll still receive a reward that matches the value of the entrance fee. The further you progress, the better rewards you get.

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20.07.2015 - Price Range Idea for FIFA 16

How would you feel if EA made unlimited numbers of each player available on the market, with 2 options:

Pay min for an untradeable version of the player (lower end players could be set at around 1000 Fifa 16 coins) Pay max for a tradeable version.

So for example, you could nab an untradeable Messi for 500k (if current ranges were used), or a tradeable for 750k.

Packed players would then be sold for a price between the two.

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9.07.2015 - Will EA put a woman on the cover of FIFA 16?

In the days and weeks ahead, EA Sports will announce the various local soccer stars who will appear on the regional covers of FIFA 16, alongside international sensation Lionel Messi.

This years FIFA game is the first to include women players, a feature that EA recently stated it has wanted to include for some years.

With the enormous success of the recent World Cup in Canada, and the exciting victory of the U.S. team, the time could not be better for EA to splash a top female player on the cover of the U.S. version of the game.

EA has used a public voting system to determine who will grace the covers of FIFA 16 in countries like Britain, France and Mexico, as well as Latin America. The winners will be announced soon, for the games launch in September. Japans Shinji Kagawa, an attacking midfielder with Borussia Dortmund, has been named as the co-cover star for Asia.

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29.06.2015 - FIFA 16 Mobile Review

Just like the previous version of FIFA for mobile, FUT 15, this year¡¯s edition will also feature mostly on the Ultimate Team. The name however will be FIFA Mobile, no 16 or 17 just FIFA Mobile.

However, the new version will be completely new and made from scratch. From Graphics to Process Engines, EA will introduce new technologies and ideas to make FIFA Mobile a huge success unlike previous year. FIFA 15 for Android and IOS had old FIFA 08 PC engine with enhanced graphics and controls. This year they will be using something called ¡®Next Gen Mobile Engine¡¯

The controls has been improved to match the new engine. The game is be faster and smoother but takes a lot of storage space. Moreover, new skills, celebrations, game faces and commentary has been added and improved to make the mobile experience next gen.

FIFA Mobile will be fee to play just like 15 Ultimate Team was but in game buys or purchases will be changed according to EA Sports.

AppSpy, a YouTube channel did a small review of what FIFA Mobile is like. The credit for the video below goes to AppSpy.

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22.06.2015 - FIFA 16 IDEA FOR FREE KICKS

Whilst taking a free kick with a youth player in FIFA 16 career mode, i thought i have no idea what kind of free kick taker this player and what his style is. I though why not in fifa 16 on the bio of the players it says what their free kick style is.

This may take time to evaluate players on their free kick style, but a few free kicks should be evidence of their style and for players where no one know a their style give them the generic free kick style and for youths players give them a random style.

Some will argue that you can tell their style by their stats, this may be, but it will be much easier to have it in their bio, then having to find out their free kick stats and then go online somewhere to find what style those stats would be.

It isn't a game changing idea, but it is a s***estion that i think will make the game less frustrating for free kicks.

EA can do this as they have done it in the Pro Career mode, where you choose your free kick style.

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16.06.2015 - FIFA 16 - Pre Order Bonus Details

There are 3 versions of FIFA 16 available to pre-order now and here's what you'll get with each bundle.

Standard Edition - ¡ê49.99

15 Standard FUT Gold Packs

"KO" Celebration

"Bailando Robot" Celebration

Deluxe Edition - ¡ê54.99

40 Premium FUT Gold Packs

Messi Loan (5 Games)

"KO" Celebration

"Bailando Robot" Celebration

Super Deluxe Edition - ¡ê69.99

40 Jumbo Premium FUT Gold Packs

Lionel Messi, Sergio Ag¨¹ero and Thibaut Courtois Loan (5 Games)

"KO" Celebration

"Bailando Robot" Celebration

*All prices currently pulled from the UK Origin Store, YMMV

As for now, we have prepared everything for selling FIFA 16 Coins on September. The cheapest price as usual.

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10.06.2015 - FIFA 16 Women's National Teams - FAQ

FIFA fans will be able to choose from 12 Women's National Teams which can be used in a variety of modes such as Kick Off, Tournament Mode, and Friendlies. Women's National Teams will be available when FIFA 16 launches on September 22 in North America.

Q: Which Women's National Teams are going to be in FIFA 16?

A: In FIFA 16, we are adding Women's National Teams from USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, China, and Australia.

Q: Which modes will feature Women's National Teams?

A: Women's National Teams are available in Kick Off, Tournament Mode, and Friendlies.

Q: Can women's teams play against men's teams?

A: Keeping in line with how women's football is played in real life at this level, women's national teams can only compete against each other in FIFA 16.

Q: Can I play with women in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)?

A: No, and that's because FIFA Ultimate Team relies on having a wide range of players in order to build out a viable environment and FUT Transfer Market. Due to the relatively small number of women's players in the game, and because women's and men's teams don't compete against each other at this level in the real world of the sport, we decided not add women to Ultimate Team in FIFA 16.

Q: Why aren't all Women's National Teams in the game?

A: We would love to have more teams in the game. However, since adding female players is a new feature for the franchise, we were limited in how many teams and players could be added.

Q: Can we expect to have more women's teams added in future FIFA games?

A: Right now, we're focused on FIFA 16, so we can't speak to what will happen beyond this game. We take into consideration many factors when defining feature sets for each game, most notably player feedback and engagement.

Q: How do player ratings work for women in comparison to men?

A: The player ratings will be relative for each gender. We will be assessing female athletes against other female athletes which may mean that an 85 rated female player may not perform the same as an 85 rated male player.

Q: Why did EA introduce women into the game this year?

A: This has been a top fan requests and we have considered doing it for years. With FIFA 16, we've made the necessary advancements in gameplay, such as new locomotion and unique player models which were based on motion capture and 360 degree body scans of some of the games top female players. That allowed us to accurately and authentically represent how these athletes walk, run, sprint and move horizontally. To complement the realistic animations and attributes, our mobile head-scanning unit traveled the world in order to capture facial features and hairstyles, ensuring that the players look as realistic as possible.

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5.06.2015 - Ideas about FUT 16 Coins Seller

FUT 16 probabilities IF price band stays & issues are fixed MUST READ

1) There will be no trainers/bots/autobuyers.

2) There will be no coin sellers.

3) Only way to earn coins will be by playing matches.

4) EA wants Ronaldo/Messi to be around 1 million mark to limit the gap between a Bale & a Ronaldo.

5) This would mean every player is affordable to everyone who plays the game. The more you play, the better players you get.

6) You get tired of Ronaldo, you sell him for a million & buy Robben to try him out. You can't have both unless you are playing 24 hours everyday.

7) If you are too impatient, buy packs & try your luck. Gamble.

8) Don't have time to play? Buy fifa points & try your luck.

9) It becomes a level playing field with proper competition among players.

10) People used to complain about the differences between the players who bought coins & had a brilliant team VS the players who never bought coins/traded their way to a great team. That comes to an end.

FUT 16 signals a re-birth of Fifa Ultimate Team where the emphasis is on playing the game rather than on trading. What's the point in trading to 30 million FUT 16 coins when you are not playing the game at all? This isn't the share market where you are flaunting your profits. What you should flaunt about is your record & how much effort you put in to build your dream team. That is what the game is all about.

This is how it should have been. People misused FUT.

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1.06.2015 - FIFA 16 to feature women's football

"EA Sports have announced they will include women's football teams in their FIFA video game for the first time ever this year", FIFA 16 coins store share.

England's national side will be one of twelve international women's teams to feature on the latest title in the franchise, FIFA 16, which is released in September.

The landmark decision was taken to coincide with the women's World Cup, which kicks off in June.

Other women's teams included on the game are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and USA.

England women's captain Steph Houghton said: "The whole team are thrilled.

"It's a really exciting year for women's football with the forthcoming World Cup and to find out we will be included in FIFA for the first time is a special feeling.

"Hopefully it will help raise the profile of the women's game even further.

"Quite a few of us in the team play FIFA so I'm sure there will be a bit of banter about our ratings and a few extra competitive games while we're away in Canada¡­. I'm looking forward to scoring as myself for the first time!"

ou have FUT 16 Coins ready yet?

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28.05.2015 - Why i am not buying FIFA 16

I am not buying FIFA 16

I am not buying FIFA 16 because of the amount of glitches and stupid unrelistic gameplay. I know why you dont have any call ins is beacuse you dont want hate being thrown down your neck like it should be. I have been a supporter of the series since FIFA 06 when a friend recomended it to me, i enjoyed it at first and i have bought every game since. I watched videos of hate at your end of the stick and i often backed your dignity and your level of creatin an alround great game. However in the past two ames i have started to dislike them understanding now why there was so much hate.

Here are the main reason i am not buying your FIFA series ever again:

Coin selling- I have never buy any cheap fifa 16 coins ever and yet i am being absolutly pooed on in the games i play as many of the opponants have Ronaldos, Messi or TOTYs when i play them with a 50k Brazilian team.

Goalkeepers- 'We have reworked goalkeepers'- absolute rubbish put FIFA 14 keepers back in the game at least they werent semi-bad it just gets worse each game.

Glitches in general- Every game i have played in i have been tacled un fairly- no freekick, or when i breath on their stricker from OUTSIDE the box-penalty

Please just dont ever produce a stupid game as this and i hope you fair while in your sales when people realise what rubbish you have been feeding them all this time

Thank you

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27.05.2015 - FIFA 16 Pro Clubs Wish List

Guys, I don't know if this is the appropriate section of the forum to post this, but what if we tried to think about new features we'd like to see on the next Pro Clubs? I feel this is the Fifa mode with largest growth potential(FIFA 16 Ultimate Team coins), since it can be loads of fun when you play together with your friends.

Just to kick off, my s***estions would be:

Club Customization: team badges different than uniforms (like Ultimate Team), always the same players as the AI players (so you can get familiar with who's your CBs, CDMs, etc);

Player Customization: we could have way more possibilities to edit hair/face/body of the players

Different Cups: again like UT, we could have a St. Paddys tournament on Pro Clubs for example, and why not open the cup window every weekend

Cup fixes: everyone knows that every cup you win, you get the image of your team with the EA Shield... and you actually get matches in the premier cup against opponents in DIV 10 (wtf)

Custom Tactics and the possibility of choosing Set Piece Takers, Team Numbers (for the AI players) and Captain of the Team before the matches

Club Practice Arena - your team could get together against AI or each other (like attack vs defence) and various scenarios, of course it wouldnt count for accomplishments

Well, I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things here, so feel free to make more contributions


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26.05.2015 - FIFA 16 Career Mode Wish List

1. TRAINING. You should be able to watch set training for each player individually and for the whole team.

2. YOUTH SCOUT/ACADEMY. When you start you should have the REAL youth players from every team and some scout (Why not the real ones).

3. SIM MATCH. You should be able:

a) To see the whole match with the CPU playing both sides.

b) If you want to quick-sim, to see the best chances and the goals as highlights (even displayed with dots like FM)

c) Be able to see the stats of the match ( shots possession etc.).

4. STATS. Be able to see your players stats if they are loaned in a team that plays in a different league. Also be able to see player statistics ( top scorers, assists etc.) from all leagues. IN ORDER TO PICK PLAYERS BASED ON THEIR PERFORMANCE.

5. PRE SEASON. You should be able to choose where your pre season training takes place, based on your budget(buy cheap FIFA 16 coins) and also arrange as many friendlies as you want, with the teams that you want.

6. LICENSING. Greek and Ukrainian leagues. And also Champions League and Europa League

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25.05.2015 - FIFA 16 Wish List

I know everyone plays the game differently, and everyone has different areas they want to see improved, but let FUT16coin start posting our own personal wish lists.

I only play offline managers mode, so mine are:

1) Bring back the creation centre so I can create my own custom team.

2) Change kit colors (or even designs) on existing teams.

3) Edit youth academy player looks. I want the full set of edit options for them just like you already have for create a pro mode. Also give me more editing options for existing real players. Its an offline game so who cares what I edit for my own enjoyment.

4) Totally revamped Youth Academy. Starting attributes need to be more balanced. No more inappropriate positions. Strikers should be easier to find. How about some pace for ANYONE. How about some stamina for ANYONE. Have a youth development team where I can develop the youth players over numerous seasons before putting them on the first team. As stands now I either have to put a 16 year old on first team or leave them on the YA list where they will leave at 17.

5) Change player position. This can be an instant change, or make them earn the change by playing them in that position long enough..I really don't care.

6) Targeted training. Have several different training regimens that can be assigned for each player that will target improvement on specific attributes.

7) Since it's "manager mode" how about actually letting me customize and see my manager.

8) Staff hiring. Assistant coaches, trainers, etc. These coaches should have statistics that actually impact training and injuries.

9) Option for turning off "firing".

10) Option for turning off seeing potential all together. Not everyone would like this, that's why it should be an option only. In the real world no one knows what a player's actual ceiling is. You try to take the most talented players you can find and hope they keep improving.

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