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25.05.2015 - FIFA 16 Wish List

I know everyone plays the game differently, and everyone has different areas they want to see improved, but let FUT16coin start posting our own personal wish lists.

I only play offline managers mode, so mine are:

1) Bring back the creation centre so I can create my own custom team.

2) Change kit colors (or even designs) on existing teams.

3) Edit youth academy player looks. I want the full set of edit options for them just like you already have for create a pro mode. Also give me more editing options for existing real players. Its an offline game so who cares what I edit for my own enjoyment.

4) Totally revamped Youth Academy. Starting attributes need to be more balanced. No more inappropriate positions. Strikers should be easier to find. How about some pace for ANYONE. How about some stamina for ANYONE. Have a youth development team where I can develop the youth players over numerous seasons before putting them on the first team. As stands now I either have to put a 16 year old on first team or leave them on the YA list where they will leave at 17.

5) Change player position. This can be an instant change, or make them earn the change by playing them in that position long enough..I really don't care.

6) Targeted training. Have several different training regimens that can be assigned for each player that will target improvement on specific attributes.

7) Since it's "manager mode" how about actually letting me customize and see my manager.

8) Staff hiring. Assistant coaches, trainers, etc. These coaches should have statistics that actually impact training and injuries.

9) Option for turning off "firing".

10) Option for turning off seeing potential all together. Not everyone would like this, that's why it should be an option only. In the real world no one knows what a player's actual ceiling is. You try to take the most talented players you can find and hope they keep improving.

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