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21.01.2016 - Razer Arena makes organizing League of Legends tournaments a breeze

Razer is well known for its vast array of PC along with console gaming accessories. The particular accessory maker produces a quantity of products geared towards tournament in addition to competitive play, including the Razer Wildcat Controller for Xbox 360 system One and Windows, as well as the Razer Mamba Tournament Release Mouse. But Razer's event ties go deeper as compared to thatĄ­

Razer Arena is actually a "competitive gaming platform" regarding Windows that facilitates COMPUTER gaming tournaments and tournaments. Arena offers a variety of capabilities, including automatic match design and reporting, match simple guidelines, cheat busting, and more. That will deep level of integration demands optimization for league of legends account specific online games - and now we can depend League of Legends among those games. Keep reading for more details about Razer Industry and its new League of Legends help!

Razer Arena

Organizing any large-scale videogame tournament needs a lot of work. Razer Market dramatically cuts down on that work, mehanizing a number of tasks for the levels of competition organizer.


Automatic Fit Creation and Reporting: Area automates the entire process of producing matches for tournament oppositions and reporting the results of the people matches, helping players enter their games faster plus more easily.

Game Lobbies as well as Voice Chat: Powered by means of Razer Comms, Arena supplies a suite of lobbies together with support for text and also voice chat.

Match Memory Notifications: All competing participants receive reminder notifications in order that nobody forgets to show way up when match time techniques.

Cheater-Free Competitive Play: Driven by FairFight, Razer World detects bots and be a cheater codes in order to help guarantee a level playing field.

Work your own Competitions: Gamers may start their own competitions of virtually any scale, whether it's at home with loved ones or in the office, dorm, or perhaps elsewhere. Everybody has access to the identical tools available to large-scale coordinators.

Becoming an Authorized Organizer

Despite the fact that Razer Arena is available for all PC gamers, Razer has built an authorization process with which successful organizers gain access to increased features.

Hosts will need to work three successful tournaments regarding at least eight teams each and every, all rated positively through participants, in order to graduate to be able to Authorized Organizer Status. When Authorized, these organizers are usually held to a higher standard along with expected to run tournaments since smoothly as possible.

League of Legends fulfills the Arena

League of Legends is one of popular PC game on earth, played by more than 28 million people on a daily basis. That falls into the Multiplayer On-line Battle Arena (MOBA) style, pitting teams of about three or five players in opposition to in each other in several exciting game modes. For the highly skillful nature and large popularity, League of Legends is one of the greatest esports games in the world.

League of Legends on Razer Arena improves the existing Razer Comms League of Legends Scouter feature that provides information regarding opposing teams at the beginning of each match, both of which are available for most regions worldwide. Arena use will become available on all Riot-Servers, where it will be available in just about every region except China in addition to Southeast Asia.

Razer may further support the League of Legends amateur competition scene simply by sponsoring tournaments with fifty dollars, 000 of payouts inside the first quarter of 2016. This will be the largest amateur little league prize pool to date, the business

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