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Mito Refers to the equipment combinations of Warcraft Battle RPG map DotA in casual night on the sword + Yasha Sphere Orb is DotA additional effect of an attack, can play a deceleration, additional damage and other effects. Sphere of DotA is not very good for the novice to understand. So Loving briefly introduced, to let it bother you no longer. The reason why there will be "Sphere" is the name, because these "skills" or "goods" is changed out the ball with Warcraft items, hence the name. when a hero also has two orb, and some will overlay, and some will be covered accurately grasp this point, useful for the equipment benefits. Combo Two or more together with the release of a series of heroic skills to other ruthless tactics. IAS increase attack speed, refers to the attack speed bonus. Imba imbalance, refers to the imbalance, which may be too small, it can be too powerful. ks Kill Steal, rob kill AOE Heroes - AOE is "Area Of Effect" acronym refers to the range of effect skills. AOE heroes refers to the range of heroes that can cause injury. Accurate to say, AOE spells are cast certain hero, can cause high can cause injury or long range spells of vertigo in a short time. Heroes have AOE spells often at a high level game and team battles occur, because they can even kill each other heroes quickly hit the other side of the short team. Assassins - specializes in quick kill other heroes heroes. Such heroes typically use physical attacks. Queen of Pain and Crypt Assassin is a major example of use of magic attacks. Such heroes usually have some sort of stealth skills or attack skills. Most of the assassins are agile hero. Disablers - have to limit the role of skills other heroes, these heroes can make each other while trying to attack or escape at a disadvantage. Disabling skills (restrictions skills): Includes all the other heroes in the following manner affected Skills Forced to make other moves, such as: Bash (Barathrum), Berserker's roar (Axe), Swap (Vengeful Spirit). Nukers - have a short time to cast the initiative can cause high damage skills and the ability to heroes. Almost all nukers are intellectual hero, because there are few other types of heroes have enough mana to cast a series of simultaneously can cause significant damage to target skills. Spammers - can repeat cast offensive spells to kill each other or the other party is not a normal game hero. These heroes usually make the other heroes back to their fountain of life treatment, resulting in the loss of a waste of time and experience. cheap louis vuitton outlet online authentic louis vuitton outlet cheap louis vuitton outlet louis vuitton outlet online louis vuitton outlet store
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