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11.11.2014 - louis vuitton outlet online

Talk about breaking up, it is impractical and almost inevitable love a long way in the journey; but broke up, also need art, from the break of the moment, to the brave new romance went into another period, are no substitute for life experience, 'good terms' fate, 'good casual good poly' is learning! When the affair ended, how to extract the courage to say goodbye, let go of the pain of the past, no wax torch ashes, tears dry! Fuse broke Crisisauthentic louis vuitton outlet Background disparity Long been engaged in literature, gender issues raised more than inked Wu Danru, most likely to lead a couple reasons for breaking up is the 'background'! Contains family background, wealth, knowledge, money values of both sides, and even the age difference too, are likely to cause the breakup of louis vuitton outlet online Wu Danru further explained: The ancients said good match, in fact, evolved to the 21st century, the concept of good match still important, the princess to marry a beggar, the prince married a Cinderella story, in real life, not only few, but not easy to survive; for love Ye Hao, Ye Hao marriage, not just two things behind each other's family also saddled with family and friends, just the wealth of the poor, it is easy to cause the dispute, even one poor play in love forever vulnerable, low self-esteem role. Furthermore, the level of knowledge of both is also an important consideration, think about it a couple of academic study day and night, all day long soak in a soap opera, the two siauthentic louis vuitton outletdes but even chat topics are not, romance unsustainable. As for the age gap is the main reason for friction emotion, X and Gen Y generations only a difference of ten years, there is a huge generation gap, regardless of upbringing, life philosophy are very different creature, let alone the difference between 20 and 30 years of age 'Lao Shaopei' experience and thinking life has a insurmountable divide. Differences in personality and values Of course, in addition to the net wlouis vuitton outlet storeorth of the background, often heard such personality clashes, differences in the use of the concept of money, and even married rearing the next generation, etc., are the most likely causes of the breakdown of the relationship. Of course, before the force of love down, we should seriously look at, 'incompatibility early scattered, long pain as short-term pain', is in love with men and women must keep in mind the motto. cheap louis vuitton outlet online authentic louis vuitton outlet cheap louis vuitton outlet louis vuitton outlet online louis vuitton outlet store
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