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16.09.2015 - I think Uncle faces an unprecedented kind

In my drawer, there is a piece of "Wudang" brand women's gold watch. Its archaic style, case has also been vague and broke wind, pointer was frozen in time in more than 20 years ago. Although it canbe used, but I've always cherished Rotonde de Cartier Replica, leisure time out. It was the early 80, I was in high school, at that time very fashionable watches, many students have, with silvery at the wrist, is very bright. Whenever lift tables, master of time, are very convenient. My family very hard pressed, can continue to read is a big meet, for valuables like watches, is not wishful thinking. If you have to know the time, also had to watch the students asked. Due to the campus, and only go home every weekend. When transportation is not convenient, each walking 20 miles back home. Once home, and shortly afterwards, I was sitting in a chair to rest, his uncle came, smiled and said to me: "come back, which took a few long time on the way? ���� I do not know how many did it take, and do not know how to answer, but subconsciously glanced at his uncle watches on the wrist. "Oh, yes, did not watch how do you know the time? If there are nice to watch it. "My uncle still calmly said with a smile. What port does not touch the spot? Hitting doesn't face, speak jejunum. I'm talking heart to blame Uncle does, regardless of my feelings, who do seem to get a little taste of me. Stuffy in there I said nothing, and a look of shame, long time did hold out a suitable word. "Look, this is what yo? "Chasing his uncle's voice, I looked up, I saw uncle pull something with a new women's watch in his hand, flashed before my eyes Cartier La Dona Replica, silver flash, my eyes lit up. "New watch, which come from? "I was astonished to cry out. "You bought it. "I am delighted to be seen, uncle with joy like a kid with a smile. I can't wait to take over, worn on the wrist at a reckless speed. Look left look right, wonderful. At that moment, there was a feeling of flying into the heavens, walking on air, dizzy, requirement. However, I then receive the most precious gift. I was wrapped in a huge cheerful heart is filled with gratitude for his uncle. Although Uncle rarely do good things for the family. He earned a lot of money, but not with the steel blade, grab a sprinkle a handful, mostly as a lot of unnecessary waste. Also not married, has traditionally been a loner. In the us, he is a wild, unwanted no good to the people. Nevertheless, this time, as indeed were amazed by my family. For the time being Cartier Love Bracelets Replica, I think Uncle faces an unprecedented kind, his smile is dazzling like the sun warm. The next day, I wore a watch happily back to school. Fear that others didn't know, intentionally or not, the wrist from time to time, exciting has gone on for several days. No more cautiously to questions about time, no longer just have to worry about not knowing the time and hold things up. I feel very relaxed and cheerful. Every table is not part of hand, hands off the table. It has been with me to work together. Bring me a lot of pleasure and convenience. After work, watches are no longer subject to appeal. My watch is broken. Nonetheless, I am still grateful to uncle. Every time he came back to give him some cigarettes, grocery and other, sometimes to the year which saw a cycle of uncle will help. Have a tendency to favor Yongquan, because wages are too low is weak. Regardless of the fact that later when his uncle died, I personally take care of his funeral, but I feel some regret, some guilt. So far, I still saved when my uncle gave me a watch, keeps it has brought me joy and moved. Every time I watch it, my uncle is deeply missed. I reckon, now well-off, if his uncle is still alive, I'll make a hundredfold in return he will!

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