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4.06.2015 - Help my friend with her cat

When I help my friend to clean cat`s poop

So my friend has a cat, a lovely one with very big eyes. She said she just purchased cat litter box as seen here which sounds cool for me. I was in her house for routine friend visit, you know what I mean. But I ended up helping her to deal with Nat, her cat.

New cat

Actually Nat is her new cat while Peggy has died last month. But this cat likes to litter everywhere, even though she already put many litter boxes in different spots to let her has her business peacefully. But all the str***le was fail as she kept littering near main room`s carpet, and literally everywhere.

So I helped her

Yes I helped her to clean the mess and it smells so bad. Yikes! But as best friend sure I will help. And then we watched YouTube videos showing how to train cat to use litter box. She said she might need litter mat too to keep her house clean even the pussy likes to litter everywhere. I think the one that have been reviewed in is cool choice too and she said she will think about it. What unusual friend visit day.


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4.06.2015 - Visiting the children centre

Children`s smile is priceless

I and my college friends went to a children centre earlier this morning. It wasn`t part of our class but it was just more about sharing with others especially young kids who suffer from deadly disease like cancer. We already plan the visit a month ago and we went there with big smile and hope the kids were happy.

They were happy for the visit

Yes they looked excited for our coming, and they like our presents too. We brought many things for them; books, dolls, action figures, balls, clothes, crayon, coloring books and many more. I personally brought pens, coloring books, hand dolls, and hats. As special request, we even brought some cat litter boxes for them so they can keep cats in future. We found the reference from and I like the items too. So it was worth to buy.

Their smiles were priceless

We might spent quite money for the visit, but their smiles were priceless and that was enough.

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4.06.2015 - Best birthday party ever

My birthday party was awesome

So the big day was over, my birthday party was over but the heat wasn`t over yet. Even all my friends were already home,  but I have tons of birthday presents in my room. I just finished open them all and I have big smile after all.

I got much good stuff

I got new cat litter box from my best friend who said she found it on whatever, new books, shoes, dresses, necklaces, bags, hats and many more really. I feel so happy for all this love and for those who came in and make my party a boom.

Thank you my family too

A big thanks to my parents, brother and sister too to make this happened. I like the decoration, the cakes, the birthday favor, the balloons and literally everything. I have a blast day and I thank God for this all too. I am feeling so loved.

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4.06.2015 - This Pet Photos Is Getting More Popular, What Do You Think?

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4.06.2015 - A Bit Of Myself Here

i'm going to write a little bit more about a computer systems engineers/architects, i can understand why people prefer to use blog.observing things in life in  connecticut and put it on words is all i friends and families have been well encouraging me to write something about my hobby of Pet in short period of time.will share more to you all.see you later on my next post.

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