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31.12.2013 - I Have Large Hands Which Helps With That Case Moonjawrecords

Should i really lug around a lens cap everywhere One is i'm moonjawrecords out and about and taking quite a few photos.I will fit a lens hood and leave the cap in the camera bag.The hood gives plenty of protection against knocking the front and i can shoot easily. The other mode is when i'm sitting around with friends and family and taking the occasional shot.Then i take the cap off and hold it in my left hand while i take the shot and put it straight back on afterwards. (I have large hands which helps with that case). If i am using a bag i try to get one that is large enough to allow me to use the lens with the hood on.Even if i am just trekking around on foot with just my camera i have found the hoods to be long enough so i don't have to worry about bumping the front element and accidently touching the lens with my fingers. There are times i walk around without my hood but i still don't True Religion Jeans Outlet have my lens cap because i have one of these holsters(Fairly expensive but i'd have to say it's my favorite case by far and it looks great. )
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