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10.03.2016 - I like Marlboro Cigarettes

I like Marlboro Cigarettes After school, though my parents don��t allow me to smoke Marlboro cigarettes with my classmates, for a chance to steal the village old man who has tobacco leaves, rubbing the, written homework paper tear into strips. Roll up the shredded tobacco, one hand holding the cigarette paper, and the other hand do a rub, cigarette natural coil, and then we will moisten stuck on the paper with our tongue . Although the smoke is hard and astringent, but we still enjoy the pleasure of smoking, marlboro cigarettes which is carefree and content! On the junior high school, secretly to store shop to buy cheap cigarettes, reoccupy knife of all two and a half back, and then share with other friends, I give you cigarettes this time, but next time you give me cigarettes. In the process of smoking, which reflects the pure friendship between the classmates intimacy. However, nothing could be kept secret forever in this world. Our teacher soon knew that we were smoking, she told our parents about our bad habits. We were all hit by our parents because of smoking Marlboro cigarettes in the school.But when we got together, we never shared his beaten scene together. A partner side complaints, while uncannily from his trouser pocket and pulls out his father��s Marlboro cigarettes, we forgot all pains beaten from out parents when we smoke Marlboro cigarettes together. While we share the companion of the spoils, while studying how to deal with the teacher��s approach. We know that two heads are better than one. A more effective strategy thus produced -- later there do not allow us to smoke in the classroom. Instead, we went to the toilet pumped, let a classmate in the sentry outside, once found that the teacher to come, with the code word reminder, we smoke immediately throw cigarette butts in the urine pool, lower the head from the teacher��s side slip, sometimes deliberately to the teacher enable a grimace. When we are in the class, as we fought victory as, jumped up and down, the smug look let other students really wonder, we have several small smoker��s heart with joy bloom! After participating in the work, I will enjoy in smoking Marlboro cigarettes, then do not look at the eyes of parents and teachers. Some people say, ��a bag of smoke after a meal, and race as the living God��, I think, smoking craving and not only at the end of a meal, if you get tired, sleepy, leisure, body cold, cigarettes online or chat, play newport cigarettes chess, and so on, as long as it is needed when you smoke a cigarette, We will get energy in a while, refreshed, uncomfortable, that is refreshing, and Marlboro Gold Cigarettes the feeling of addiction really is no words to the table. Especially when I was in the draft document, if I felt very tired and didn��t want to write down anything, I will smoke a Marlboro cigarettes, then I get energy from smoking, and write all the documents quickly! At this time my heart in the lament: ��ah, Marlboro, you are my good friend, I will not leave you in my whole life.
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